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Kalawawa National Park

Declared a National Park in 2015, The established Kala Wawa and Balalu Wawa tanks made in the 5th century BC by King Dhatusena adorn the 6000-hectare Kalawawa National Park, alongside the impressive 45 feet high standing Avukana Buddha statue built during the same era. But the centerpiece of the Park is the star residents of the preserve – the tusker elephants. Of the male elephant population, only about seven percent are tuskers.
The specialty of the pack in this Park is the high number of tuskers. The tuskers are scarce in Sri Lanka, and only a tiny percentage of pachyderms carry ivory. Hence the genetic structure of these elephants is unique.
Further, the Park has a pretty landscape lined with massive Kumbuk Trees. The Park is accessible only during the dry season when the water levels recede, resulting in green meadows of grass that are much sought after by the elephants. So the chances of such sightings are up-and-coming. Further, this makes it accessible by jeep. It is an excellent alternative to witnessing an elephant gathering away from the busy crowds in other parks.
There are also migratory herds that enter the Park. In addition to the tuskers, enormous flocks of open-billed storks are a well-known sighting.


Useful Information

  • Suitable clothing for windy, rainy, and warm weather conditions.
  • Recommended items to carry the insect repellent and sun-protection cream.
  • Should securely have cameras and electronic devices at all times.

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