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Jethawanaramaya was constructed by King Mahasena of Anuradhapura (276-303) and completed by his son Sirimeghavanna. It has situated in the ruins of Jetavana in the sacred world heritage city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. 

A part of Buddha’s shawl is buried here and worshiped as a relic. 

 This monument has believed to be Mahinda Maha Thero, built upon the enclosure and cremated.

The compound closes nearby 5.6 hectares assess to have housed 10,000 Buddhist mendicants. One side of the stupa is 176 m (576 ft) in length, and the flights of steps on the other are 9 m (28 ft) wide. The doorpost to the shrine, situated in the courtyard, is 8 m (27 ft) high.

This massive vault-shaped religious monument is about 36.5 meters (120 feet) wide and 16.4 meters (54 feet) high, but it’s impossible to go inside. Buddhists worshiped by going clockwise around it. It follows the sun’s path and is in harmony with the universe.

Initially built, Buddha stupas to house the earthly remains of the historical Buddha and his associates, almost invariably found at sites sacred to Buddhism. The concept of a relic has afterward extended to include holy texts.

Finally, differences between a temple and a stupa can identify by the shape of a building and its purpose. Temples are places where Buddhists can go inside and meditate, while stupas are usually closed buildings.

The model is significant to the island’s history. It represents the suspense within the Theravada and Mahayana sects of Buddhism; it is too substantial in recorded history as one of the highest structures in the ancestral world; the height of the stupa is 400 feet (122 m), creating it the tallest stupa in the established world. The model is no longer the tallest but still the largest, with a base area of 233,000 m2 (2,508,000 sq ft). Using around 93.3 million baked bricks in its construction, the engineering ingenuity back the construction of the structure is a significant upturn in the island’s history. The stupa represents the sectarian variance between the Buddhist monks as it has built on the premises of the vandalized maha vihara, which led to defiance by a minister of King Mahasena.


Useful Information

  • It is better if it has sulled because of a religious position.
  • For a comfortable destination, it is advisable to skip the Poya days. However, you can go on any day of your choice.

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