Things to do in Ohiya – Read Before Visiting Ohiya Sri Lanka

Things To Do In Ohiya At a Glance! -A Must-Visit Destination During Your Getaway In Sri Lanka

Ohiya is one of the most famous off-beat destinations in Badulla of the Uva Province of Sri Lanka that most local and foreign visitors like to visit. Why? There are plenty of things to see. It looks like heaven. Wherever you look, you can see a green carpet covered by Ohiya. It is impressive, gives more peace to your mind, and will refresh your soul. There are thick forests, misty lakes, filigree waterfalls, mountains, various animals, trees, a cool climate, etc. This place is the most famous among bag packers and solo travelers. Stay with us. We will share more information on things to do in Ohiya

How To Travel To Ohiya?

Are you new to Ohiya? 

If yes, the following traveling tips and tricks are perfect for you. 

Let us see how to travel to Ohiya without much hassle.

If you are usually tired of hectic city life and want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life for a moment, then the best choice is Ohiya.

There are many ways to travel to Ohiya, but here we will mention the best ways to travel to Ohiya. 

You can travel by train. 

This is the Central Highland of Sri Lanka area, so you can view beautiful landscapes while traveling by train. We are sure that this will give an unmemorable experience to you. 

You can travel by bicycle. 

There are several places where you can grab a bicycle for rent. If you are an entertainer, nature lover, or photographer, we highly recommend it because you can see views that will be imprinted on your mind for your entire life.

You can walk while enjoying the scenic beauty.

Ohiya is the most scenic place in Sri Lanka for hiking. It will chill down your body. 

In addition to the ways we discussed above, there are standard methods to travel to Ohiya by public or private transport (Van, Car, three-wheel). But you will enjoy it a lot if you are in a position to follow the best ways to travel to Ohiya

How to travel from Ohiya To Horton Plains?

To visit Horton Plains National Park, you must reach the central highlands of Sri Lanka. This park is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest and is rich in biodiversity, and many species found here are endemic to the region. Distance from Ohiya to Horton Plains is 2Km.

Horton Plains is pretty much popular among tourists. There are two ways to travel from Ohiya to Horton Plains. One is by taxi, and the other way is by walking. 

So, which is the best way? 

If you come to enjoy your holiday, we are sure you will select to travel by walking. Walking is the best way to visit Horton plains but make sure not to disturb nature and not put garbage into the surrounding area. 

Must-know facts about Ohiya Camping

Yes, camping is the best way to enjoy your holidays in advance. Tourism institutes, hotels, organizations, and travel guides help you with better camping days. You can contact them to book. Make sure to select a place with a good viewpoint for camping. Devil’s Staircase is the most suitable place in Ohiya for camping. 

According to the rules of the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka, you are not allowed to fire at night. 

Things To Do In Ohiya

Now you are in the most critical part of this article, things to do in Ohiya. You can do more stuff in Ohiya. 

The following are a few of the most popular

  • Tours and day trips
  • wildlife and nature
  • Food drink, and nightlife
  • Nature activity
  • Tea plantation
  • Hiking tour

You can visit many places in Ohiya like Horton Plains National Park. When considering Horton Plains National Park, it is a perfect site for camping. There are three sites. If interested, pre-book a spot from the Wildlife Department in Sri Lanka.

If you are eager to visit the World’s End, you can travel by taxi, mini car, tuk-tuk, or bicycle.

Moreover, Baker’s Fall is one of the most picturesque sites created by nature.

If you love hiking, Kirigalpoththa Hike is one of the best solutions. Do not forget that Kirigalpoththa is the second-highest mountain in Sri Lanka. The site is full of many endemic plants and animal species. 

Devil’s Staircase, Horton Plains Kalupahana Trail, Thotupola Kanda Nature TrailCamping At Horton Plains, and Hiking Bambarakanda To Horton Plains are the other popular hikes among both locals and foreigners.

Ohiya is a rural village where you can still taste traditional foods, see ancient Sri Lankan culture, the traditional structure of Sri Lankan villages, and many other insights.

What To Do In Ohiya On A Sunny Day?

If you are in this awesome destination, sunny days become a blessing. The climate is pretty comfortable, even on a sunny day in Ohiya.

Sunny days are great for hiking lovers. Horton Plains, Kirigalpotta, and Babarakanda are the best hiking sites around Ohiya. If it is bright, you can see the full view of nature. When there is thick fog, you will not see a complete picture of the places. 

You can ride a bicycle if it is a sunny day. There are so many places to visit, and you can enjoy them. 

And also you can visit waterfalls and have a bath in pure and cold water. Make sure your safety when you are using the place to bathe. 

You can enjoy sunny days if you are an animal lover, plant lover, or butterfly lover. But remember, it is the wildlife habitat, and do not disturb them while you enjoy it. 

Are There Cheap Things To Do In Ohiya?

Yes, there are cheap things to do in Ohiya. You can visit a tea plantation, spend time with tea, and get a healthy breath. 

The Bottom Line

Do not forget to travel to Ella by train. This is the most significant point of your visit to Ohiya. Enjoy photography, but we are sure you can not capture nature’s beauty in your photos. No matter how many days you spend here, you will always wish to extend your trip because of this beautiful and calm environment and flexible budget. Do not forget to protect these green umbrellas for our younger generations while enjoying your getaway.  

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