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Nelligala Temple

Nelligala is a temple and a Multinational Buddhist Center situated in Muruthalawa village in the Kandy district. It is similar to modern times with a structure starting in 2015.

The place shows a beautiful view of the surroundings, lying on top of a mountain. Some ideas from the top of the hill are the Hanathana Mountain Range, Alagalla Mountain, and Batalegala. On a clear day, you will likewise be lucky to see the Sripada mountain (Adam’s peak). When this fantastic view has combined with its sheer beauty, Nelligala becomes a popular place among sightseeing travelers and travelers worldwide.

Although Nelligala is a Buddhist sanctum, it is likewise open to visitors from other religions. Without a suspicion, Nelligala is an area that brings along peace and calms its travelers. The gold-colored Buddha sculptures of the temple make an impressive sight in contrast with the blue atmosphere above. In addition, a newly created figure of the God Saman posing on the White Elephant, several stupas, and so numerous things to visit in this incredible place. Another specialty of Nelligala is that the temple has sacred relics of Lord Buddha. If you stay there in time, you can enter the Buddha Pooja(unique offering) with Sri Lankan traditional drummers and flute melody.
This place brings crowded during Poyadays, Holidays and likewise on weekends. So you won’t be competent to relax and enjoy the sight. Accordingly, it is best to visit except on those days. The most suitable time to see it is in the morning or evening after 5.00 pm, since you may see the epic sceneries and avoid exposure to the midday rays.
Nelligala temple area is just only12.3Km, from Kandy. The journey to Nelligala. It will take 26 minutes approximately. There are two paths to reach Kandy. One from Pilimathalawa and another from Kiribathkumbura. If you are arranging to visit, the best alternative may be Kiribathkumbura road, as it is in good condition and easy to find. You won’t have to agonize about finding a parking spot at Nelligala. There is a large Car park open for your conveyances. Facilities like Wheelchairs are alike available for the extra comfort of the pilgrims.


Useful Information

  • You don’t need to buy any tickets to visit the temple.
  • Do not wear sleeveless tops and shorts. Wear something that covers your shoulders and knees, like long pants or a skirt if possible.
  • This place is quite crowded on Poya days, so you can go on another day if you want

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Nelligala Temple

This sacred place where the golden Buddha statue, the Saman Devi Stupa, and the holy relic of the Buddha reside, sitting on a white elephant, relaxes the mind.


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