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Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a small village on the south seaside of Srilanka, located in the Matara District of the Sothern Province. It is around 150 kilometers (93 mi) south of Colombo and has situated at 4 meters (13 ft) beyond sea level. Mirissa’s seaside and nightlife make it a famous traveler terminus. It is also a fishing pier.

Mirissa is the biggest fishing harbor on the south beach and is known for its tuna, mullet, snapper, and butterfish. In 1980, the foremost tourist accommodation; however, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that tourism to the town started to increase dramatically.

Mirissa was affected by the tsunami induced by the 2004 Indian Ocean quake, with myriad homes, guesthouses, shops, schools, and temples destroyed or harmed and fourteen reported casualties.

It has width golden beach, one of the gorgeous beaches in Sri Lanka, suitable for swimming.

Where is Secret beach Mirissa? What is this? It’s a small hidden gem just around the junction from the main beach in Mirissa, discovered in the southeast intersection of Sri Lanka that makes up Weligama Bay.

Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is among the numerous thrilling water activities you can do during your visit to Sri Lanka. Blue whales are often spottedand It is the most attractive place for whale and dolphin watching outings in Sri Lanka. The whale watching season in Mirissa is from November to April.

To learn about these fascinating ocean creatures, read some facts about blue whales.

From May to October is off-season: the ocean is rough, and it is not worth going. The chances of spotting whales are meager, and the chances of getting seasick are very high.

It is restricted by law for anyone to swim with whales in Sri Lankan waters. An authorized pass from the government is required to get in the water with the whales. Being in the water with whales without a license is breaking the law.

Visitors to Mirissa have reported relatively regular sightings of whale sharks on whale watching tours. Regarding scuba diving, sightings appear relatively rare, although somewhat more familiar than those for manta rays.

       You can easily reach it by train, bus, or taxi. The easiest way to get Mirissa is by train. Depending on your destination, the nearest train stations are Weligama (8km) and Matara (12km). From these places, you can take either a taxi or tuk-tuk to Mirissa. 

  They are most active during twilight hours, both before morning and after evening. They can share without being caught by predators or prey during these dark hours because the water will immerse the sound of the whales’ communication.

You can enjoy snorkeling in Sri Lanka in many locations along its coastlines – Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Trincomalee, etc. However, Mirissa is perfect for this experience. For one, the tropical water along its beaches is relatively straightforward, allowing you to see the miracles underwater. 

Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) are the largest animals that have ever existed on planet Earth! That’s why so many people are interested in going blue whale watching and swimming with these creatures, too. Despite their size, this animal is not dangerous to humans, as it’s not aggressive and has no teeth.

When you join Mirissa Beach, you’ll notice a small tidal island around 50 meters from the coastline. What you’re peeking at is the well-known Parrot Rock in Sri Lanka!

You can only access this tiny rock mound, but when you climb over, you’ll get the most pleasing views of Mirissa Beach.

Although seeing this view seems straightforward, it is essential to know a few things first before you attempt to stay. 

Checking tide times and comprehending what to expect is crucial, so you don’t bring hurt or damage to any of your electronics! 

 No one appeared to comprehend for sure when I asked around the locals!

There are a few theories. One is that it has shaped like a parrot head which I can’t see. 

The second is that parrots utilized to live here once upon a time. But, again, there’s no sign of that now! All you usually visit on the rock are crows surrounding the place when the tide is. 

So, I think that the name will remain a secret for now. But it’s always pretty cool to have an isle named Parrot Rock!


Useful Information

  • The best time to visit is from April to November
  • It is mandatory to get a permit into the water with the whales

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Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a popular beach destination in South Asia, with beautiful beaches, waves for surfing, and teeming with marine life, from turtles to giant blue whales.


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